Can and Can’t of Artificial Intelligence

What’s the most trending topic in the Industry? Artificial Intelligence. What’s the next revolution in the field of technology? Definitely, Artificial Intelligence. And guess what, according to many, Artificial Intelligence is also the next Industrial Revolution (automated world).

But what actually is Artificial Intelligence?


According to a study by McKinsey Global Institute, AI is estimated to create an additional 13 trillion US dollars of value annually by the year 2030.

The simulation of human intelligence processes and automation by machines, especially computer systems is Artificial Intelligence. In other words, to make machine smart enough and intelligent to overcome the daily tasks by automation, AI is used.

AI is the new electricity!

There is no doubt about the fact that we’re absolutely witnessing the rise of AI. And that goes without saying that it has massively influenced our lives. From Apple Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa to AI Applications in farming or to a huge leap of self-driving car; all of this couldn’t have possible without the invent of AI.

Looking at the future, I don’t think there will be any industry which do not influenced or impacted by the Artificial Intelligence in the next several years.

And when I say this, I do not mean to give you a false hope or to fill a fake bubble in your mind because there are some myths about the role of AI in our life which can be true in the upcoming years but are far from reality at least as of now.

So to clear the unclear, one must need to know what Artificial Intelligence can and cant’t…

What Artificial Intelligence Can and Can’t?

Well, we all know there is a lot of excitement about AI regarding the future but no to forget so as the unnecessary hype about it.

One of the main reason behind it is that we need to understand AI on the basis of two separate ideas. Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) and Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

There is a lot of work currently going in the field of Artificial Narrow Intelligence or we can even say that almost all the progress we are seeing as AI is happening in the field of ANI (Artificial Narrow Intelligence). Mentioned above applications such as smart speaker and a self driving car are perfect examples of ANI.

But the other type, refers as the Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is the most valuable type/branch of AI. That is the main goal to build Artificial Intelligence — so a machine can do what human can do and maybe with a touch of super intelligence and do more than a human can.

We are seeing so much progress in ANI, Artificial Narrow Intelligence but at the same time, almost no progress in AGI which Artificial Intelligence.

Looking at the smartest and intelligent products around us, it goes without any doubt that We are seeing so much progress in ANI, Artificial Narrow Intelligence, but at the same time, almost no progress in AGI which is Artificial Intelligence.

The point here isn’t about rating the effectiveness of one over another, but to remind the fact that both are worthy goals. But unfortunately, the rapid progress in ANI which is again incredibly valuable, has caused the people to conclude that there’s a lot of progress in AI, which is true to some extent — but also people falsely think that there might be a lot of progress in AGI as well which is creating unnecessary hype to some irrational fears about the robots coming to take over the humanity anytime now.

Artificial Intelligence is a threat to humanity ~ Elon Musk

Well one can’t negate the quote of the greatest living inventor so easily — but AGI is still an exciting goal for the researchers to work-on. And to set up a platform for the robots to take over the humanity, it’ll require a great technological breakthrough before we get there.

Assuming how far away AGI is, I think there is no need to unduly worry about it. It may take a decade or hundred years or thousand or even an year to get that technological breakthrough.

The rise of AI has been largely been driven my multiple tools — one of those is Machine Learning. The most commonly used type of Machine Learning is a type of AI that learns A to B (a.k.a) input to output mappings.

Let’s say, if the input A is an email and the input B one is spam or not, resulting value could be 0 or 1. Then we are sure that this is the core piece of AI to make a spam filter.

More examples like, if you want to create a chat bot, so when a customer sends you a message with the name of the certain product or ask the price — input A, your bot replies automatically with the best suitable answer — Output B.

This set of AI is called supervised learning which learns input A to output B, or A to B mappings.

The rise of neural networks and deep learning has taken the AI to another level. In simple words, the discovery of neural networks and deep learning has bring modernism and accuracy to AI.

The concept of neural network emerges from the neurons in human brain — striving to make machines a lot smarter and enabling the ability to act like a human being brain do.

Deep learning is the advanced or upper level of Machine Learning, comprising of neural networks that trains to perform modern AI, where you feed them more data, performance keeps getting better for much longer.

Thanks to the modern AI and the rise of the Internet, which has given great importance to the data sometimes you hear as ‘Big Data’. Remember, having more data always help you in AI!

So to achieve the best possible levels of performance of your applications, you need two certain things: One is, lots of data that helps to train your neural networks in an effective manner. The second thing is, you want to be able to train a very large neural network. You must require fast computer’s including Moore’s law, but also the latest specialized processors such as Graphics Processing Units (GPUs).

Probably I’m sounding boring to you know? No. Well that’s enough for you to discover about AI. Let’s finish the things in a formal way!

Is there anything that AI can’t do? Or not possible with AI? I assume this question has been raised in your mind at anytime reading this story. So let’s clear the unclear…
From the past example under the machine learning heading, we’ve seen how we make or train machines through A to B mapping. In retrospect, let’s say we’ve built a facial recognition system that identifies and matches the picture and provide the result in the form of true or false. So this is what we can do with machine learning or deep learning at large.

And now here’s an example what AI can’t do, or at least would be very difficult using today’s AI.

Let’s suppose there is a construction worker standing in your way holding out a hand to ask your car to stop. Also, here’s a hitchhiker trying to wave over a car and a motorbike rider too raising the left-hand to indicate that they want to turn left.

So now, if you’re trying to build the system to learn the A to B mapping, and to train the system to act according to the human’s intentions, that today is a very difficult task to do. Because in this sense, we’re short with data. Part of the problem is that the number of ways people could gesture is very, very large. So yeah, this is where we all need to be careful.

To summarize all this, what AI can do and what AI can’t do; here’s the simple explanation.

The today’s Artificial Intelligence can do everything, that a human mind can think or process to be happened in a second of mental thought.

Thanks for reading, I hope you have enjoyed reading it.

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Video Marketing

Video Marketing in the form of Video Animation, Explainer Videos, Intro and Outro will take the lead this year in 2019 as well just like we saw in 2018. This is because recent study has shown that 88 percent of the viewers are keen to watch short videos that grab their attention then to read the lengthy blog post comprising text only. On this ground, if you want to make your blog post super hit, then it is advised to use these videos in a much planned manner.

Mobile will reign the battle in all forms

More than 4 billion people are online and that number is anticipated to continue to grow exponentially without any doubt. This means that in 2019, the bloggers must ensure that your blog must be mobile-friendly. What does this mean? This means your blog has to be responsive while a user is reading it on a mobile. It has to give a nice and gentle feel to a reader while reading your article or a blog on mobile devices.

Saying Good-Bye to Fake News

Unlike in 2018, nobody will allow fake news this year around in 2019. We saw many incidents on social media from Facebook to YouTube where people tried to took unfair advantage of such platforms. So this year is going to be different. Very very different!!! We will have to see now how bloggers are going to regain the trust and focus more on original content which is real and unique than to create a fake story just to get more traffic on their posts.

Win-win situation for content which creates engagement

The bloggers who believe that their posts have enough depth and will create interactivity within the posts, they are surely going to win the race. Because this is natural instinct that we tend to follow posts which generate greater level of engagement within the blogs between the viewers. So if you think you have a right content, then now is the time to dazzle everyone and jump off the page.

More personalized content

Why do you think people surf on internet? It is suggested that half of people who come online are actually looking for solutions to their problems. They look for a content that they believe will solve their problems. So you need to be very clear inside your head about what problems do your target audience most likely to have. Once you have a clear understanding of what they are looking for in your blog, then believe me you are going to be all over their heads.

Feedbacks will be entertained by the robots

As we are seeing that more and more people are now shifting towards Artificial Intelligence, this is obvious that now general feedback will be entertained by the robots. This is also because the person who owns the blog will not be around to comment or write back every time, but AI can. This also means now in some areas they will be programmed in such a way to create engagements and handle pre-programmed queries that we believe AI will do without error.

Get in touch with your fellow blogger to capture market share

The more you are in touch with your counter-part, higher are the chances that you will have supremacy on blog zones. All you need to do is to comment wisely on their blogs, promote the related article on your feed, and share them via social media. There is no shame in sharing the knowledge of others that you believe can solve the needs of viewers. In fact, this will increase your fan loyalty.

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The internet is full of content. From researches to recipes, you can find everything here. Among all, the thing which stand out is the super hit content. Here are the 5 techniques to make your content super hit :

Short Videos are the best performers for content writing

It is observed and recent study has shown that people are more attracted to videos. There is no surprise why there is a dramatic rise in video content recently. Short videos of up to 90 seconds create huge engagement within a blog, where viewers share their views and get connected with another people. Thus helping in making your content super hit.

Product oriented content weighs more than user generated content

Recent surveys depict that people are more keen to learn about products which are related to their daily life living. They have shown extra interest in content that educates them about the type of products or services they use for living. This is because it helps them to make best use of their resources in hand. As for context, such content is targeted for masses unlike user generated content which is specifically aimed at niche customers. Eventually, your ranking will get better and help you earn top spot.

Visual Search

Visual Search has turned out to be very important element of content writing after video marketing. People are now paying more attention to images as the technology is getting better every year. You may take great help of images for your blogs, websites and emails etc. as they will complement each other. Not only this, this will also help in SEO where search engines will know that the content is relevant to image search.

Use multiple platforms for advertising

Not only Facebook and YouTube, also Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat have gained great market share when it comes to digital marketing. Content writers are now focusing more on later as they have witnessed huge traffic on their websites landing page from these sources.

and YouTube, also Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat have gained great market share when it comes to digital marketing. Content writers are now focusing more on later as they have witnessed huge traffic on their websites’ landing page from these sources.

Long form content still winning the race

Apart from the fact that people now value videos and images more than the text, search engines rank you better if you write long and lengthy content serving the needs and wants of target audience. Google algorithm gives preference to the content which has more words covering every aspect of the topic. Make sure that long blog post is still a very important part of your content strategy if you want to see yourself at the top of search engine result page.

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