Video Marketing

Video Marketing in the form of Video Animation, Explainer Videos, Intro and Outro will take the lead this year in 2019 as well just like we saw in 2018. This is because recent study has shown that 88 percent of the viewers are keen to watch short videos that grab their attention then to read the lengthy blog post comprising text only. On this ground, if you want to make your blog post super hit, then it is advised to use these videos in a much planned manner.

Mobile will reign the battle in all forms

More than 4 billion people are online and that number is anticipated to continue to grow exponentially without any doubt. This means that in 2019, the bloggers must ensure that your blog must be mobile-friendly. What does this mean? This means your blog has to be responsive while a user is reading it on a mobile. It has to give a nice and gentle feel to a reader while reading your article or a blog on mobile devices.

Saying Good-Bye to Fake News

Unlike in 2018, nobody will allow fake news this year around in 2019. We saw many incidents on social media from Facebook to YouTube where people tried to took unfair advantage of such platforms. So this year is going to be different. Very very different!!! We will have to see now how bloggers are going to regain the trust and focus more on original content which is real and unique than to create a fake story just to get more traffic on their posts.

Win-win situation for content which creates engagement

The bloggers who believe that their posts have enough depth and will create interactivity within the posts, they are surely going to win the race. Because this is natural instinct that we tend to follow posts which generate greater level of engagement within the blogs between the viewers. So if you think you have a right content, then now is the time to dazzle everyone and jump off the page.

More personalized content

Why do you think people surf on internet? It is suggested that half of people who come online are actually looking for solutions to their problems. They look for a content that they believe will solve their problems. So you need to be very clear inside your head about what problems do your target audience most likely to have. Once you have a clear understanding of what they are looking for in your blog, then believe me you are going to be all over their heads.

Feedbacks will be entertained by the robots

As we are seeing that more and more people are now shifting towards Artificial Intelligence, this is obvious that now general feedback will be entertained by the robots. This is also because the person who owns the blog will not be around to comment or write back every time, but AI can. This also means now in some areas they will be programmed in such a way to create engagements and handle pre-programmed queries that we believe AI will do without error.

Get in touch with your fellow blogger to capture market share

The more you are in touch with your counter-part, higher are the chances that you will have supremacy on blog zones. All you need to do is to comment wisely on their blogs, promote the related article on your feed, and share them via social media. There is no shame in sharing the knowledge of others that you believe can solve the needs of viewers. In fact, this will increase your fan loyalty.

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